This survey invites you to contribute your knowledge and experience of consumer and carer engagement and participation across the mental health system.
How long does the survey take?
The survey should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to complete depending on your answers. It will be open until 31st August.
Who is the survey for?
 All stakeholders with knowledge and experience relevant to mental health consumer and carer engagement and participation such as:
  1. People with lived experience of mental health issues either personally and/or among family, carers and friends
  2. Practitioners providing services, care, support and treatment to people experiencing mental health problems and/or their family and carers
  3. Representatives of service providers and organisations
  4. People working in policy, research and administrative positions
  5. Representatives of organisations working with or representing community or population groups
  6. Representatives of professional associations

Is my input anonymous? Your response is anonymous and confidential. De-identified information will be used for analysis and reporting for this project only. However, if you choose to provide consent to the National Mental Health Commission, de-identified responses may also be used in other National Mental Health Commission publications or on our website.  
What is the survey about?
  • Engagement and participation policy, strategies or frameworks – in the Australian mental health service sectors, internationally and across other relevant service sectors
  • How consumer and carer engagement and participation is being implemented, evaluated and reported 
  • Challenges, barriers and enablers to participation and engagement in general and for different community and population groups
  • Capacity building strategies to support and enable engagement and participation 
  • What future engagement and participation practices and approaches in mental health could look like